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Horsforth Happy Hounds is almost 1.5 acres of enclosed field with small wooded area for private use, providing a secure area for owners and dogs to enjoy stress free exercise.


Located on the edge of Horsforth close to Trinity University, access is off West End Lane and provides enclosed off-road parking.

​A booking gives you 50 minutes sole use of the field, which has 6ft deer fencing, and a smaller fenced area within the field which is suitable for training.​​


There are various activities for your dogs to enjoy but these are not for human use.

There is a chalet for humans to shelter in should the weather be inclement!

Please enjoy the area, but ensure you pick up poo – bins are provided in the car park, please take you litter home, to ensure everyone can enjoy a clean environment.

Prior to booking, please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions

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